The Civil Rights & Employment practice group protects people who have been subject to unlawful bias in the workplace, as well as those who have been denied housing and access to places of public accommodation, denied equal access to credit, or denied pay for all work they perform.  Our clients have challenged discrimination on grounds of race, national origin, religion, age, disability and sex, including sexual orientation and identity. Collectively, we bring to this work an unshakeable commitment to serve our clients vigorously and passionately, for as long as the representation may require, and draw upon decades of success in trying and resolving some of the largest and most significant civil rights and employment matters of our generation.

Our Practice

Our Civil Rights & Employment practice group applies expertise within the group and throughout the firm in handling class actions to the service of clients who have been victims of policies or practices that violate their civil rights or deny them compensation or other benefits guaranteed by law.  In addition to obtaining damages, lost earnings and other monetary benefits that may have been unlawfully denied, we seek to reform the challenged unlawful conduct in order to eliminate the discrimination or other unlawful conduct root and branch.  Our lawyers have represented people working throughout the American economy, including those engaged in health care, law enforcement and intelligence, daily labor, general and specialty retail, fire-fighting, technology, flight management, printing, insurance, hospitality, investment and banking and service in the federal, state and local governments.  We have also represented people challenging as discriminatory their denial of access to multi-family housing, movie theaters, health clubs and other similar places; those who have challenged the rates at which they are charged insurance and at which their property is taxed; as well as those challenging their denial of access to taxi cabs and credit.   Our clients have also challenged workplace policies that deny them pay for all time they work, in industries such as home health care, chicken processing, property management and retail sales.  We have represented clients challenging discrimination on grounds of race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, family responsibility and disability, as well as retaliation.

Our People

Our attorneys have decades of experience representing victims of discrimination and fighting for workers’ rights. Some have significant experience in the non-profit sector pioneering civil rights law.  We have represented victims of discrimination or workplace abuses in courts around the country.  We have tried several class action discrimination cases to juries in federal courts and argued appeals in many of the federal courts of appeal in the country, as well as before the United States Supreme Court.  We share a commitment to eradicating discrimination in employment, lending, housing and other areas, and to protecting workers from workplace abuses.

Our Cases

We have served as lead or co-lead counsel in dozens of significant matters in litigation, including:

  • Wal-Mart Litigation: We represent Wal-Mart employees in several regional class cases suing the giant retailer for sex discrimination in pay and promotion.
  • Sterling Jewelers’ Litigation: We represent a certified class of 69,000 current and former female retail sales associates in a nationwide Title VII gender discrimination and Equal Pay Act case.
  • McDonald’s Litigation:  We represent McDonald’s crewmembers in several wage and hour lawsuits asserting that the McDonald’s regularly fails to pay workers for all the hours they work by denying them legally mandated meal and rest breaks, amongst other claims.
  • Temporary Employment Staffing Agency Litigation:  We represent African American workers alleging a pattern of race discrimination in the staffing and assignment of workers by temporary staffing agencies to their client companies.
  • Transgender Health Care Coverage Cases:  We represent LGBT individuals in their claims of sex discrimination in the denial of access to health care coverage for transition-related care.
  • Keepseagle Litigation: We served as lead counsel on behalf of class of Native American farmers and ranchers alleging denial of equal access to credit by the United States Department of Agriculture.