Ethics & Fiduciary Counseling

Trusted advisor to fiduciaries.

We serve as fiduciary counsel to some of the largest pension plans in the country – helping trustees and senior staff protect the pensions of teachers, first responders, and other public employees.


The work of pension plan trustees and administrators is more challenging than ever, as they face significant pressure from a variety of sources. In this environment, it is critical that their work be done in accordance with fiduciary duty.

We are experienced counselors and strategists. We offer our clients the benefit of our experience as former in-house counsel and current outside counsel to major public pension fund clients. We provide unique perspectives for guidance on fiduciary responsibility, ethical duties, governance, compliance issues and related organizational mandates, all with an eye to helping institutional investors serve their members and beneficiaries.

Working closely with public pension plan trustees and administrators across the country, we provide fiduciary counsel, compliance counsel, and ethics counsel. We help them navigate changing economic conditions and organizational challenges, while advising on governance matters and ensuring pension plan trustees and staff adhere to fiduciary obligations. Our team also provides customized fiduciary training and education for pension fund trustees and staff and assists with conducting internal investigations and implementing resulting recommendations.