about us

Uncommon advocacy for the common good.

Our elite trial attorneys hold corporations and others with power accountable when misconduct crosses the lines drawn by the law.​


We champion the causes of real people—workers, consumers, small business owners, investors, and whistleblowers—working to deliver corporate reforms and fair markets for the common good. With Cohen Milstein on your side, count on uncommon legal talent, high-powered resourcefulness, and impactful results, often delivered in ways never imagined possible.

Powerful corporations sometimes trample the rights of individuals and smaller businesses. Litigation is often the only avenue to compensate victims of corporate wrongdoing. For over 45 years, we have fought corporate abuse, pursuing litigation on behalf of affected individuals, whistleblowers, public entities and other institutions in cases that have raised challenging, significant and at times, novel issues. We hold large corporations accountable for their actions even though they often have significantly more resources than those damaged by their misconduct. One way this is accomplished is by bringing large numbers of plaintiffs together in a single class to enhance their ability to litigate effectively.

Cohen Milstein is recognized as one of the largest and most diversified plaintiff-side litigation firms in the country — with over 100 attorneys in offices in Washington, DC, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Palm Beach Gardens, and Raleigh.

Our firm has earned an international reputation by winning complex cases that others did not want to handle. We have litigated numerous groundbreaking cases, some resulting in landmark decisions on previously untried issues involving antitrust, securities, consumer rights, civil rights, and other far-reaching matters.