Managed Care/HMO Abuse Attorneys in Florida

Years of abuse by managed care companies are now coming to light, illuminating the dark recess of a huge, complex industry with great power over the lives of millions of people. As more victims come forward, these companies are being forced to unveil their practices, which often place corporate greed over patient need.

The attorneys of Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC are at the forefront of unveiling managed care negligence. For example, we represented a 5-year-old cerebral palsy victim, whose special care was improperly terminated by one of the largest managed care companies in the nation, in a five-year fight for justice. It culminated in what is believed to be the largest verdict on behalf of an individual claimant in Florida.

Through diligent work, we uncovered illegal actions and unconscionable corporate behavior and revealed the plight of scores of other critically ill children who were similarly terminated from special care. The firm is dedicated to representing patients who have been deceived by managed care companies and whose health is placed secondary to corporate profits.

The following represent some of the types of managed care abuse we have successfully litigated:

  • Denial of Care
  • Failure to Pay Timely
  • Specialist
  • Severe Injury
  • Class Action Suits


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