Past Cases

Gillig v. United Healthcare

Status Past Case

Practice area Managed Care Abuse Complex Tort Litigation

Court Circuit Court, Palm Beach County, FL

Case number 502012CA005797XXXXMBAH


Philip Gillig’s family and doctors spent over a two-month period attempting to gain HMO authorization for specialized care, antibiotic treatment, surgery, and hospitalization. Their attempts failed due to United Healthcare employees’ refusal to return calls and their misconduct in sending calls to a voicemail system at United Healthcare that they knew was “full” and could not accept messages. As a result, Mr. Gillig fell into septic shock and suffered significantly. United Healthcare failed to provide Mr. Gillig with timely access to medical care and treatment, thereby failing to administer medically necessary benefits, despite Phillip Gillig’s declining condition. On behalf of Mr. Gillig and his wife, we brought a civil action for negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of contract. We successfully settled this case prior to trial.