The federal and state governments enter into a great many types of contracts with private companies for the provision of goods or services, and when companies commit fraud to obtain public contracts or commit fraud in the performance of those contracts, they can violate the federal and state false claims acts. 

Government contracting can – and often does – occur in nearly every area in which public funds are expended.  These areas include defense contracting, infrastructure, information technology, building construction and maintenance, and the purchase of all manner of tangible goods. 

Common forms of contracting fraud include:

  • Providing non-compliant or substandard goods or services, or failing to provide the required goods or services at all
  • Billing for more expensive goods or services than were provided
  • Making false certifications as to the quality or attributes of the goods or services provided, or the manner in which they were provided
  • Engaging in bribery or other misconduct related to a public bidding or procurement process
  • Fraud in connection with government set aside programs for minorities, women and the disabled

Individuals with information regarding government contracting or procurement fraud may be able to bring qui tam lawsuits under the federal or state false claims acts and be eligible for a financial award of 15-30% of the government’s recovery. 

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