Many of our clients have been seriously or catastrophically injured or have suffered the loss of loved ones as a direct (or indirect) result of a defective product, exposure to toxic chemicals or waste products, medical negligence, or delayed or denied medical care or treatment at the hands of an insurance company or workers’ compensation carrier. We represent our clients and their families across the United States against corporations, insurance companies, or other entities that refuse to take responsibility and adequately compensate their victims for their injuries, emotional distress, or loss of life. We also help our clients obtain health and welfare resources for their continued care and that of their family.

We represent individuals and their families in individual claim litigation and class actions before juries and appellate courts, related to the most serious injuries, including:

  • Severe Burn Injuries
  • Neck and Back Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Amputations
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

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Representative Matters – Catastrophic Injury & Wrongful Death

  • Doe v. Sysco of Central Florida: On January 10, 2017, Cohen Milstein successfully settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $2.5 million against Sysco Corporation and one of its tractor-trailer drivers on behalf of the Estate of John Doe. John Doe, a 42-year-old Kissimmee, Florida man and father of two, died on October 20, 2015 after his semi-truck struck a Sysco owned and operated tractor-trailer that had run a stop sign. Cohen Milstein worked closely with police investigators and experts to prove that Mr. Doe was not at fault; rather the Sysco driver violated his right of way and caused the crash. Evidence proved the Sysco tractor-trailer failed to slow down and ran through a stop sign into oncoming traffic despite clear stop bars and a visible stop sign.
  • Skiles v. Boca Raton Regional Hospital: Cohen Milstein is litigating a medical malpractice, wrongful death case, arising from the defendant’s failure to perform an x-ray to rule-out a potential bowel perforation or “Free Air” following a colonoscopy procedure. The out-patient radiology facility refused to perform the x-ray, stating that it did not accept the patient’s insurance, when in fact it did and, under Medicare rules, was obligated to perform the x-ray, regardless of coverage, because it was an emergency request. The x-ray was never performed, and the patient was sent home. Later that day, his wife rushed him to the hospital due to complaints of severe abdominal pain. In the hospital a perforated bowel was diagnosed, ultimately leading to bowel resection surgery. Although Mr. Skiles initially survived his surgery, he later died due to complications of sepsis. 
  • Saori Yamauchi, et al. v. Toyota Motor Corporation, et al.: In November 2018, Cohen Milstein resolved an automobile crashworthiness lawsuit against Toyota Motor Corporation on behalf of a client who sustained quadriplegia because her vehicle’s side and frontal airbags deployed during a minor impact. The case was settled for a confidential amount.

  • Paz-Orjales v. Ford Motor Company: In Septemeber 2018, Cohen Milstein successfully settled a catastrophic injury lawsuit against Ford Motor Company. Our client, Mr. Paz-Orjales, asserted that due to a defective design, the roof of the Ford truck, in which he was a passenger, collapsed and crushed him during a roll over accident, resulting in his quadriplegia. 
  • Staton v. Elite Auto Logistics, Inc.: Cohen Milstein represents Lowell Staton in a catastrophic injury lawsuit for negligently causing a truck crash that caused his disabling injuries.

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