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Juvenile Incarceration Changes: Solitary Confinement and Education


November 16, 2018

The first of its kind settlement in Palm Beach County is ending the practice of holding juveniles charged as adults in solitary confinement. 

Reported by Terri Parker:

Police of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office agreed to end the practice of putting juveniles in solitary. And Palm Beach County School Board will make sure that all jailed juveniles get the appropriate educational services.

Juveniles who are incarcerated will get their schooling outside of their cells.

Alternative behavior management policies will also be put into place.

This all due to a class action lawsuit filed back on June 21st of this year.

Groups such as the Human Rights Defense Center and the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County charged that, some juveniles were kept in solitary confinement around 23 hours a day for up to a year.

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