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Flint Federal Judge Certifies Issues Classes Against Remaining Flint Water Crisis Defendants

August 11, 2021

FLINT, MI – Interim Co-lead Class Counsel in the Flint water crisis litigation announced that Federal Judge Judith Levy of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan entered an order granting Class Certification on liability claims in the ongoing litigation against private engineering firms Lockwood, Andrews & Newman (LAN) and Veolia, LLC; Veolia, Inc, and Veolia Water (VNA).  It is alleged that each company failed to give appropriate professional advice, greatly adding to the widespread lead contamination of the water that flowed into Flint during the water crisis.  

By granting “Issues Classes” certification, the parties and the Court will address how damages will be resolved should liability be found on a class wide basis.

LAN and VNA have not signed onto the landmark $641.2 million partial settlement that has received preliminary approval from the Court.

“We are very happy that Judge Levy has entered an order of certification of two Issues Classes and has allowed our case to move forward against the engineering companies, who we believe acted negligently and contributed to the horrific contamination of the Flint water supply, which lead to both property damage and human health issues to the entire Flint community,” said Ted Leopold, court-appointed co-lead counsel and Partner at Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll. “As we have made clear, we will continue to vigorously pursue the full measure of justice against those who caused harm to the residents of Flint.”