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State of Missouri Suing X-LITE Manufacturer, Calls Guardrail ‘Defective

WRC-TV NBC Washington

June 12, 2020

The state of Missouri is suing the company that made and marketed a guardrail that’s been at the center of a News4 Consumer investigation for years.

A number of people across the country have died or been severely injured after crashing into guardrail end pieces known as the X-LITE.

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, which oversees the state’s Department of Transportation, filed a civil lawsuit against the Lindsay Corporation and other entities (Lindsay Entities) on June 9. The complaint lists several counts, including fraud and negligence.

The complete article can be accessed here.

Cohen Milstein is at the forefront of defective guardrail litigation and advocacy. We are currently involved in six wrongful death and catastrophic injury lawsuits against Lindsay Corporation — all related to the X-LITE guardrail.