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In Settlement, Ga. Couple Admit Evicting Tenant for Having African American Guests at Her Home


February 14, 2020

A settlement has been reached in the case of a Georgia couple who evicted a tenant for inviting an African American family to her home.

As WABE’s Maria White Tillman reports, Allen and Patricia McCoy acknowledged they discriminated against their tenant, Victoria Sutton, in 2018 for having African American guests in the Gordon County apartment she rented from them.

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Sutton’s attorney, Brian Corman, says it was important to his client for the McCoys to acknowledge their wrongdoing.

“We certainly recognize that the defendants have come clean. They’ve acknowledged the complete accuracy of the statement. And they admit to having violated civil rights and fair housing laws when they evicted Ms. Sutton and her family from their home.”

As part of the settlement, the McCoys had to apologize and pay Sutton $150,000 for violating the Civil Rights and Fair Housing Acts.

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