Manuel J. (“John”) Dominguez is a Partner at Cohen Milstein, and a member of the Antitrust practice group. Mr. Dominguez specializes in complex, multi-district antitrust litigation, representing individuals and businesses that have been harmed by anticompetitive business practices. Mr. Dominguez, in addition, plays a significant role in the practice group identifying and investigating potential antitrust violations. 

Mr. Dominguez has been litigating complex antitrust and consumer cases for more than 20 years, and has served as lead counsel and handled numerous high-profile, high-stakes cases during that time.  His efforts have enabled aggrieved businesses and consumers to recover hundreds of millions of dollars.  He litigated and resolved cutting-edge litigation against AOL for allegedly unlawfully collecting the Internet search data of millions of users and making their private information available for downloading by the general public.  Earlier in his career, Mr. Dominguez litigated a highly significant securities matter that settled for hundreds of millions of dollars involving Symbol Technologies Inc., a barcode technology maker that intentionally overstated its revenues through premature revenue recognition, improper consignments arrangements and channel stuffing.

Mr. Dominguez, who joined Cohen Milstein in 2011, has assisted the firm in developing its investigatory and case development groups.  He is a hands-on litigator who is currently representing plaintiffs in antitrust litigation involving alleged price-fixing and anticompetitive monopolistic practices in various industries including truck transmissions, medical products, auto industry and finance, among others.  Although Mr. Dominguez’s practice is focused on antitrust litigation, he continues to be involved in securities and consumer matters.

Mr. Dominguez is currently representing direct purchasers in a series of Auto Parts antitrust class action lawsuits being litigated in the Eastern District of Michigan in Detroit.  These cases stem from the largest antitrust investigation in the history of the U.S. Department of Justice, with over $1 billion in fines and multiple criminal indictments. Two of the cases, Wire Harnesses and Bearings, are scheduled to be the first cases to be considered for certification by the court.  In these cases, Mr. Dominguez has significant responsibilities, including leading discovery efforts against defendants and assisting experts.

Mr. Dominguez is also co-lead counsel in the Truck Transmissions Antitrust Litigation alleging that Eaton Corp., the largest manufacturer of truck transmissions, and the four major truck manufacturers conspired to create a monopoly for transmissions used in heavy-duty trucks. Mr. Dominguez responsibilities include arguing all the major motions and deposing and defending nearly all the expert depositions in this matter.  The case is currently up on appeal in the Third Circuit.

Mr. Dominguez began his career as an Assistant Attorney General serving in the Attorney General of the State of Florida’s Department of Economic Crimes.  In that role, he represented the state of Florida in prosecuting corporations and business entities for alleged violations of Florida’s RICO, antitrust and Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act statutes.  Following his service as an Assistant Attorney General, Mr. Dominguez entered private practice, litigating and trying numerous cases involving unfair trade practices and other alleged violations of state and federal consumer protection statutes.  In 2000, he joined a premier class action firm focused on antitrust and securities litigation; there, he rose to the head of the firm’s antitrust and consumer practice groups.  Mr. Dominguez recently won a significant motion to dismiss in a non-class action antitrust action brought on behalf of Doctors and practice groups against a major insurance company and hospital in Florida in Omni Healthcare, Inc. v. Health First, Inc. The issues presented and argued were issues of first impression for the middle district of Florida.

Mr. Dominguez is also nationally recognized for his knowledge of managing the discovery process in today’s increasingly technologically complex business environment.  He has made presentations on topics such as the impact of the new e-discovery amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and has also participated in The Sedona Conference® Working Group 1, an organization at the vanguard of developing standards for electronic discovery.

Mr. Dominguez formerly served as the Chair for the Antitrust, Franchise & Trade Regulation Committee of the Florida Bar’s Business Law Section. Mr. Dominguez previously served as the Vice Chair of this committee and was a member of the Executive Council of Florida Bar’s Business Law Section.  He is also co-author of an article that appeared in the Florida Bar Journal, “The Plausibility Standard as a Double Edge Sword:  The application of Twombly and Iqbal to Affirmative Defenses” (Vol. 84, No. 6).

Mr. Dominguez received a B.A. from Florida International University, and earned his J.D. from the Florida State University Law School, graduating with honors. In law school, he was a member of the Transnational Journal of Law and Policy

  • Assistant Attorney General, Department of Economic Crimes, Florida
  • Chair, Antitrust, Francise & Trade Regulation Committee, Business Law Section, Florida Bar