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Dugan Denies Dismissal for Former Casino Queen Owners in Pension Fraud Suit – Madison

St. Clair Record

March 14, 2023

U. S. District Judge David Dugan denied stacks of motions to dismiss pension fraud claims against former Casino Queen owners on March 6 and March 8.

He dismissed no one except defendants who died, and he dismissed them without prejudice.

Attorney Michelle Yau, chair of Cohen Milstein’s practice focusing on the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, commended the ruling. 

“We are very pleased that the court has denied – yet again – dispositive motions filed by defendants,” Yau said. “My clients look forward to trial where they get a chance to prove their claims after years of delay by defendants.”

The defendants sold the casino to an employee stock ownership corporation in 2012, as a pension provider under federal retirement law.

In 2019, participants and beneficiaries learned the stock’s value dropped 95%.

Plaintiffs Tom Hensiek and Jason Gill filed a class complaint in 2020, alleging fiduciary violations.

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