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Amazon Flex Drivers Seek to Arbitrate Employment Status


June 12, 2024

Nearly 16,000 Amazon drivers filed arbitration claims against the e-commerce giant with the American Arbitration Association this week seeking unpaid wages and compensation for work-related expenses because of their misclassification as independent contractors.

About 15,860 Flex drivers in California, Illinois and Massachusetts submitted arbitration claims Tuesday, where 453 similar cases are already being litigated, according to a news release from Cohen Milstein, one of the firms representing the workers.

Of the cases already being litigated, nine drivers’ claims have gone to a final arbitration hearing, where the average recovery has been around $9,000 in damages, Steve Tindall of Gibbs Law Group, who is representing the drivers, told Law360 Wednesday.

Drivers are recovering unpaid wages and damages proportional to the length of time they’ve been driving for Amazon Flex, so some of those workers recovered over $20,000 while others less than the $9,000 average, Tindall said.

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Tindall and Joseph Sellers of Cohen Milstein have been gathering the claims for the last three or four years, Tindall said, and added that he hopes they’ll be able to resolve them promptly.

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The workers are represented by Joseph Sellers of Cohen Milstein and Steven Tindall of Gibbs Law Group.

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