Shareholder Advocate Fall 2023

Cohen Milstein

October 25, 2023

The Fall 2023 issue of the Shareholder Advocate includes:

  • Harnessing Antitrust Laws, Investors Deal Blow to Bank Collusion in Market for Stock Lending – Kate Fitzgerald
  • Report: Shareholder Suits Abroad Gravitate Toward Low-Risk Countries with Strong Track Records – Richard E. Lorant
  • Can You Commit Securities Fruad by Tweeting an Emoji? One Court Says Yes You Can. – Jan E. Messerschmidt
  • Securities Litigation 101: Surviving Defendants’ Motions to Dismiss – Christopher Lometti and Richard E. Lorant
  • Fiduciary Focus: The Responsibilities and Duties of Trustees When Delegating Investment Management Authority – Jay Chaudhuri

Download the Fall 2023 issue (PDF).