Second Circuit, 2022 Survey of Federal Class Action Law

American Bar Association

September 21, 2022

Amy Miller authored the “Second Circuit” chapter for the American Bar Association’s 2022 Survey of Federal Class Action Law: United States Supreme Court and Circuit-by-Circuit Analysis. The book, produced by the ABA Litigation Section’s Class Actions and Derivative Suits Committee and edited by Elizabeth J Cabraser and Fabrice N Vincent, provides up-to-date analysis of class action law in each federal circuit.

The 2022 Survey of Federal Class Action Law: A U.S. Supreme Court and Circuit-by-Circuit Analysis is a valuable tool for both in-house and outside counsel who confront the prospect of litigating class actions in federal circuits with which they may have little or no experience and must make informed recommendations on removal. Succinct summaries are prepared by litigators from each of the respective circuits and address changes in rules and statutes as well as significant case law.