Leslie Kroeger and Regina Poserina to Speak at FJA’s 2020 Qui Tam Webinar

November 13, 2020


Leslie M. Kroeger and Regina D. Poserina will speak at Florida Justice Association’s (FJA) 2020 Qui Tam Webinar “Bringing Home The Bounty: The Trial Lawyer’s Approach to False Claims Act Litigation” on Friday, November 13, from 1-5pm.

Ms. Kroeger will moderate the panel, “Ask the Magic 8 Ball: Predicting the Future of Whistleblower Litigation in 2021 & Beyond.” The panel of former United States Attorneys and legal scholars will address the future of qui tam litigation after the most contentious election in memory. The panel will dissect recent trends in False Claims Act policy and discuss expectations for how the next administration will approach whistleblower claims.

Ms. Poserina will speak on the panel, “The Relatable Relator: The Right Client, The Right Case,” which will address the differences between bringing a personal injury action on behalf of your client and raising a False Claims Act case in the name of the government. Topics will address whistleblower protection laws, the “first-to-file” bar, how Relator counsel can help (and hinder) government investigations, and tips for getting the government on board with a case.