Leland Woman Files Lawsuit After High GenX Levels Found in Water Heater, WECT 6

October 24, 2017

A Leland woman has filed a class action lawsuit against Chemours and its subsidiary Chemours after elevated levels of GenX was found in her home’s water heater.

According to the complaint, a June 2017 sampling of bottom sludge collected from a water heater from the residence of plaintiff Victoria Carey detected GenX levels at 857 parts per trillion in the top layer of sludge and 623 ppt in the bottom layer.

“Can you imagine what it’s like worrying if the water you’re giving your family could kill them? That’s my daily reality and the reality of so many families across areas of North Carolina that get their water from the Cape Fear River,” said Carey. “I’m standing up because I can’t let DuPont and Chemours get away with putting our health at risk and contaminating our properties. DuPont and Chemours need to take responsibility for their years of bad actions and willful misconduct.”

The health goal threshold level established by state officials is 140 ppt.

“For over 35 years, DuPont and Chemours have put the lives and health of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children at risk,” said Ted Leopold, co-counsel for the plaintiff in the suit, in a statement. “Nothing will take away the health risks these North Carolinians have experienced, but it is important that these willful acts by DuPont and Chemours be brought to light so corporate misconduct of putting innocent lives at risk will stop. These defendants need to be held accountable and take full responsibility for their actions.”

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