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Julie Goldsmith Reiser Named a 2021 Titan of the Plaintiffs’ Bar


March 28, 2021

Law360’s 2021 Titans of the Plaintiffs’ Bar includes 11 lawyers, spans the U.S. and includes many heavyweights in the fields of antitrust, securities and class action law. It includes firm executives, teachers and advocates, as well as champions of diverse legal theories holding corporations accountable and protecting the rights of consumers.

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Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC attorney Julie Goldsmith Reiser helped secure multiple landmark settlements stemming from allegations of sexual abuse and harassment inside corporations. In one, she served as a co-lead counsel in a derivative suit accusing Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, of misleading investors by covering up sexual harassment and abuse from executives.

The suit ended with a settlement in which Alphabet agreed to spend $310 million on diversity and inclusion initiatives and to eliminate forced arbitration for harassment, discrimination and retaliation-related employment disputes.

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Congratulations to Julie Goldsmith Reiser and the other accomplished lawyers who earned a spot on Law360’s 2021 Titans of the Plaintiffs Bar list.

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