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Law360 Names Cohen Milstein a 2022 Industry “Prestige Leader”

December 6, 2022

Law360 Pulse Prestige Leaders report has named Cohen Milstein to its annual industry “Prestige Leader” list, recognizing the top 100 law firms most-well regarded by the Law360 editorial team. Notably, Cohen Milstein is only one of two plaintiffs law firms named to the list.

The Law360 Pulse editorial team compiles data from Law360 surveys, proprietary awards and the LexisNexis suite of research tools to measure four equally weighted key indicators of prestige.

Law360 criteria includes: financial performance, which looks at profits per partner and revenue per lawyer (for firms that do not disclose such information, such as Cohen Milstein, this data is assessed via reported settlements and other measurable data that is in the public domain); desirability, which measures how frequently firms were named by law students and attorneys as their top choice firms for work; editorial awards, or the number of Law360 awards a firm has captured over the past year; and news sentiment — the number of positive stories about the firm that appear in more than 20 respected legal publications.

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