Julie Goldsmith Reiser and Molly Bowen Discuss the Alphabet Settlement – The Sexual Harassment Settlement That Could Change an Entire Industry

The Jabot Podcast

November 20, 2020

Securities litigators take center stage in the #MeToo movement.

You don’t always think of securities litigators taking a key role in the fight against sexual harassment, but in the wake of #MeToo, that’s exactly what’s happened. Shareholder derivative lawsuits have sprung up as a response to revelations of sexual misconduct by executives or prominent employees as a way to try to hold companies accountable.

In this episode of The Jabot, Above the Law’s Kathryn Rubino speaks with Molly J. Bowen and Julie Goldsmith Reiser of Cohen Milstein about their representation of Alphabet shareholders in a case over the company’s handing of sexual harassment claims that led to a $310 million settlement that’s been hailed as precedent-setting.

The Jabot podcast is an offshoot of the Above the Law brand focused on the challenges women, people of color, LGBTQIA, and other diverse populations face in the legal industry.

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