Cohen Milstein served as co-lead counsel on behalf of a class of direct purchasers of chemicals used to make many everyday products, from mattress foam to carpet cushion, who were overcharged as a result of a nationwide price-fixing conspiracy. On February 25, 2016, Cohen Milstein reached an agreement with The Dow Chemical Company to settle the case against Dow for $835 million.

In a July 29, 2016 order approving the settlement, the court commended plaintiffs’ counsel:

"Hundreds of millions were at stake here, and counsel achieved incredible success on the merits of the claims, earning a verdict of over $400 million that would be trebled and eventually obtaining settlements totaling over $974 million (much more than double the amount of damages).  Liability on these claims was far from certain, and thus the case presented a great deal of risk, as counsel was required to advance all expenses and attorney time to litigate a hard fought case against highly experienced opposing counsel hired by a defendant with ample resources.  The case was not settled pretrial for a percentage of the damages, nor was it settled on appeal for a steep discount from the judgment amount; instead counsel litigated the case to a verdict and an appellate affirmance.  Counsel achieved this verdict and judgment without the benefit of a government investigation or prosecution of members of the alleged antitrust conspiracy. The subject matter was complex and not easily digestible by a lay jury, and there were no personal injuries to heighten sympathy.  In almost 25 years of service on the bench, this Court has not experienced a more remarkable result."

Combined with earlier settlements obtained from Bayer, Huntsman, and BASF, the Dow settlement pushed the total settlements in the case to $974 million.