Law360 names Cohen Milstein one of its “Best Firms for Female Attorneys”


April 18, 2016

In its 2016 “Glass Ceiling Report,” Law360 has recognized Cohen Milstein as one of the top firms in the U.S. for female attorneys. The report ranks the firm as the 17th best firm in the country¬† for female attorneys and the 13th best firm for female partners, who hold 38 percent of Cohen Milstein’s partnership. The 2016 Glass Ceiling report found that while women make up 43 percent of the non-partner ranks at U.S. law firms, they comprise just 22 percent of partnerships.

See Law360’s “Glass Ceiling Report.”

Methodology: Law360 surveyed over 300 U.S. firms, or vereins with a U.S. component, about their overall and female headcount numbers as of Dec. 31, 2015. Only U.S.-based attorneys were included in the survey.