Carol Gilden Named a 2022 American Lawyer Trailblazer – Midwest

May 9, 2022

What was the genesis of the idea/path that has made you a trailblazer?

The touchstone of my life’s work has been one that is guided by integrity, persistence, excellence, and fighting for justice. As a result, I have led the way as one of few women attorneys willing to fight for the hardworking men and women who form the backbone of our society. Through my appointments in leadership, I have led groundbreaking securities fraud class actions and helped recover billions of dollar on behalf of defrauded investors. Fraud manifests itself in various ways, so when misconduct is uncovered, it is imperative to be creative and look at all laws available to address the problem. I see the work I do as having a unified mission.

What sort of change has resulted from the concept?

My work has shifted the landscape for many women attorneys to allow more diversity in areas typically dominated by men. I believe my work is imperative to show women that our voices can and will be heard in the legal profession. I have served as lead counsel in one of the first securities class actions to be certified following the Supreme Court’s decision in Halliburton II, which established a road map for obtaining class certification in other cases. My pursuit of the truth ensures that accountability exists for fraud and other misconduct. More recently, I’ve played a principal role in many important settlement, including City of Birmingham v. Credit Suisse ($15.5 million, December 2020); and In re Alphabet Shareholder Derivative Litigation ($310 million, November 2020).

What bearing will this have on the future?

As a long-service mentor to younger attorneys, I strive to instill the mindset that has helped drive the Firm’s success: pursue cases to right wrongs – then work relentlessly to get the best result.

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