Agnieszka M. Fryszman Selected as Human Trafficking Advocate of the Year for 2020

Human Trafficking Legal Center

September 1, 2023

The Human Trafficking Legal Center has selected Agnieszka M. Fryszman, chair of Cohen Milstein’s Human Rights practice, Human Trafficking Advocate of the Year for 2020.

In their selection letter, the Human Trafficking Legal Center referenced Ms. Fryszman’s “brilliant” and “cutting-edge work that has tested the boundaries of the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act” in the most complex, challenging human trafficking cases brought in the U.S. federal courts.

Some of the “cutting-edge” cases the Human Trafficking Legal Center references include representing Nepali migrant workers trafficked to U.S. military bases in Iraq, to domestic workers trafficked by diplomats into the United States, to Cambodian workers allegedly trafficked into forced labor in factories in Thailand.

The Human Trafficking Legal Center cites her efforts as “inspiring” and helpful to driving strategic litigation across the globe, inspiring others bring civil cases to end impunity for forced labor.

“You have asserted extraterritorial jurisdiction in federal trafficking and forced labor cases more often than federal prosecutors have done. In the last year, you have litigated extraterritorial human trafficking cases before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and in federal court in Texas. Moreover, you are serving as our counsel in an extraterritorial forced labor case pending before the Supreme Court of the United States. Your leadership in the anti-trafficking strategic litigation field is unmatched.”

Ms. Fryszman will be honored by Human Trafficking Legal Center’s at it’s annual On My Side Awards benefit.