Automobile Litigation in the Age of the Autonomous Vehicle and AI

ABA's Insider TIPS Podcast

March 15, 2024

Briana O’Neil interviews Poorad Razavi of Cohen Milstein about his experience litigating vehicle cases as a plaintiff’s attorney, along with the challenges every litigator, both plaintiff and defense, will have to navigate as technology advances.  In particular, they discuss:

  1. How have new automotive technologies — self-driving cars and AI impacted your practice?
  2. With the rise in autonomous vehicle cases, litigators are bound to see new and unique issues. Poorad describes some of the emerging issues.
  3. What do litigators need to familiarize themselves with to effectively handle these new cases?
  4. When it comes to seeking experts in a case, what kind of expertise should be considered? What about new expert strategies?
  5. What new challenges do you foresee in these cases and how can litigators prepare?

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