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Cohen Milstein is investigating complaints that Siemens AFCI breakers cause frequent and unnecessary nuisance tripping due to harmless arcs. Electricians who installed Siemens AFCI breakers may have lost income due to unpaid time and expenses resolving the issues.

If you installed Siemens AFCI breakers and have incurred unpaid time and expenses due to issues with unnecessary tripping, you may be eligible to participate in our litigation-related investigation. If you are interested in potentially participating in this class action investigation, please fill out the form below or give us a call at 1-877-515-7955.


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Arc-fault circuit interrupters (“AFCI”) or “arc fault breakers” are designed to break a circuit upon detection of a dangerous electrical arc that are not picked up by traditional circuit breakers. If dangerous arcs are not stopped, they pose a risk of an electrical fire.  For that reason, municipalities and states have increasingly required the use of AFCIs in homes and buildings.

The growing prevalence of AFCIs have posed challenges for electricians. Not all electrical arcs are dangerous. Properly functioning AFCIs must be able to distinguish between harmless arcs (where the breaker should not trip) and dangerous arcs (where the breaker should trip). When AFCIs trip unnecessarily because of harmless arcs, an issue called “nuisance tripping,” electricians must typically spend time investigating and resolving the issue for property owners. That time is often uncompensated and may result in lost opportunities on other jobs, out of pocket expenses, and lost good-will with customers.


Cohen Milstein is conducting an investigation into complaints related to faulty Siemens AFCI breakers for the purpose of current or potential litigation.

If you are an electrician who installed Siemens AFCI breakers and spent time and money fixing nuisance tripping issues, we would like to talk to you. Please fill out the complaint evaluation form above or give us a call at 1-877-515-7955, if you would be willing to participate in our litigation-related investigation.

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