August 04, 2016

A US federal court has ordered four seafood companies, two American importers and two That firms, to respond to a complaint made by seven Cambodian labourers allegedly exploited while working in Thailand’s seafood industry.

The plaintiffs filing suit in a Los Angeles court claimed that after they had left their homeland for Thailand, factory managers confiscated their passports and made them work up to six days a week for wages that were less than promised, Reuters reported.

The companies involved in the case are US companies Rubicon Resources and Wales & Co. Universe, and Thai seafood companies Phatthana Seafood Co. Ltd. and S.S. Frozen Food Co. Ltd.

The lawyers representing the seven plaintiffs -- from the firm Cohen Milstein, specializing in human rights and class action cases --, ensure the Cambodian workers had been victims of “human trafficking, forced labour, involuntary servitude, and peonage.”

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