June 01, 2016



Inside This Issue…

The Best Thing about Best Buy:  It Carries Little Precedential Weight

Eight Circuit issues the first decision interpreting Halliburton II.  The decision reversed the district court's order granting class certification, but given the unique fact pattern the decision will carry little precedential weight. 

Recent Supreme Court Decision Preserves Investors’ Access to State Courts

The Supreme Court rules that shareholders who sue in state court, under state law, should not be forced into federal court just because their lawsuit alleges in passing that federal regulations were violated. The ruling gives shareholders important flexibility, closes off a much-desired escape hatch for defendants, and shows respect for states.

Why Investors Are Suing Under Antitrust, Futures Laws

Having diversified their portfolios beyond U.S. stocks and bonds, today’s institutional investors are now diversifying the legal tools they use to protect those investments. In cases where markets were manipulated, some pension funds are suing under antitrust laws and the Commodity Exchange Act to recover losses and make rigged markets more efficient.

Judge Approves $110 Million Settlement in HEMT MBS Case

Cohen Milstein selected to the National Law Journal’s “Plaintiffs Hot List” for the fifth time in six years
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