April 05, 2023

It's a common tale for many homeowners in Miramar, busted pipes leading to thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Residents say what starts as a tiny water mark on the ceiling or wall quickly becomes a huge problem.

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This homeowner had to replace all the copper pipes in his home and was forced out of the house for months because of mold and water damage.

"What we found through testing and the experts that we retained is that there is a chemical reaction that happens when this treated water coming out of this west water treatment plant hit copper pipes," said attorney Leslie Kroeger.

Kroeger, a partner at Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, filed a class action lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of several other Miramar residents who are experiencing similar problems.

Impacted residents can click here to share their information.

The lawsuit alleges the city of Miramar, and its West Water Treatment Plant are responsible.

"They blamed it on improper installation of the pipes, so someone else's fault, not there's. Or improper grounding, which would go to installation, which again, they're saying not our fault, not our fault. We don't think that to be true. We believe that the allegations we are making are correct".

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