September 08, 2017

Victoria Nugent has handled an eclectic mix of consumer protection cases since the time she took her first job out of law school at a place then known as Trial Lawyers for Public Justice. She’s proud of her work on all of these cases, but she says the ones that affect her most are those that involve clients who have lost their homes.

“A home is more than just physical shelter for people—it’s a haven, and it’s where their community is,” Nugent said. “To lose that because of somebody else’s callousness or greed is really terrible.”

Now co-chair of the Cohen Milstein’s Public Client practice group, which works with state attorneys general to address consumer fraud, she’s been on the front lines of litigating home loss cases—working extensively on mortgage fraud and deceptive loan servicing lawsuits.  A decade earlier, she litigated against insurance companies that refused to fully pay claims to home-owners who lost their houses in a flood along the Chesapeake Bay.

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