September 12, 2016

After the financial crisis, the loss of trillions of dollars in wealth in such a short period of time had left much of the world stunned. But lawyers who represent investors had little time to waste if they wanted any chance of recouping losses for their clients. In this challenging and complex effort, many institutional investors were happy to have Joel Laitman and Christopher Lometti on their side. The New York-based partners at Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll have played lead roles in several of the most significant mortgage-backed securities (MBS) class actions, netting more than $1 billion in settlements so far. Laitman, a Georgetown University Law Center graduate, and Lometti, who earned his J.D. at Fordham Law, both joined Cohen Milstein in 2009 from Schoengold Sporn Laitman & Lometti, where they were name partners.

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