December 01, 2013

Current and former women employees who have worked in the stores at Sterling Jewelers Inc., the largest chain of jewelry stores in the country, have brought claims alleging a pattern or practice of sex discrimination in their compensation and promotions. The case is pending in arbitration which, pursuant to the rules governing the arbitration, ordinarily make the proceedings confidential. The Claimants have asked that they be permitted to pursue their claims as a class action.  In advance of a hearing on Claimants’ Motion, which is scheduled to take place on February 5, 2014, the Arbitrator ruled that the Claimants may make their motion for class certification available to the public after some material in the brief has been redacted. The brief in support of the Claimants’ Motion can be accessed here.  Sterling opposes the request for class certification and denies that it has engaged in the sex discrimination that the Claimants have alleged.

Jock et al. v. Sterling Jewelers Inc. case page