October 25, 2017

The maker of a highway guardrail component that is supposed to reduce the severity of collisions is being sued by the father of a dead teen who claims the device is a killer instead.

"I believe this company's product is responsible for the death of my daughter," said grieving dad Steve Eimers in an interview outside the US Capitol Wednesday.

Eimers 17-year-old daughter Hannah died in a November 2016 collision with a guardrail component called the X-Lite End Terminal manufactured by Lindsay Transportation Solutions.

An "end terminal" is a system mounted on the end of a guardrail facing oncoming traffic.

Eimers said his daughter died when the component failed to collapse the guardrail. Instead, the rail pierced the vehicle and impaled the teen.

Lawyers for Eimers claim at least six other victims have died in similar fashion.

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