November 21, 2013

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla.  - A confidential settlement has been reached on behalf of Herman Parodi against his workers’ compensation carrier and its third party administrator for alleged intentional denial of care.

The case concludes Mr. Parodi’s allegations that the Defendants acted with intentional misconduct in the administration of his workers’ compensation claim. As a result of their alleged actions, Mr. Parodi went five years without access to medically necessary treatment, exacerbating his medical condition and causing him permanent disability.

Case Background

Herman Parodi suffered a workplace injury in 2003, which necessitated rotator cuff surgery. The surgery provided temporary relief, however, when his pain returned, several doctors authorized by the Defendants diagnosed Mr. Parodi with Reflex Sympathetic Disorder (RSD). RSD, also known as chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, is a chronic pain condition that spreads over parts of a body and radiates throughout the area, often accompanied by intense burning, skin sensitivity, sweating and swelling. Mr. Parodi’s condition was severe and his doctors determined he required aggressive treatment from a RSD specialist. Parodi alleged that the Defendants claimed they did not have a specialist in their managed care network, and refused to send him outside the network. The Defendants also insisted on restricting Plaintiff’s access to RSD treatment, even after the Judge of Compensation Claims ruled that they needed to authorize a specialist to provide a specific RSD treatment protocol.

The Defendants’ alleged ongoing effort to deny care included repeated surveillance of Mr. Parodi. Sadly, through their own surveillance, they witnessed the decline in his condition. It was further alleged that their own records demonstrated that they knew their conduct was causing Mr. Parodi significant harm, and yet they willfully chose to continue his suffering.

Ted Leopold, managing partner at Leopold Law, P.A., representing Mr. Parodi, stated today, “Mr. Parodi has spent 10 years suffering from intense pain that resulted from the lack of appropriate medical care. It’s a shame that so much effort was dedicated to denying medically necessary care for him rather than helping him obtain the care he so desperately needed. We are pleased to have obtained a full measure of justice for Mr. Parodi and correcting this grave injustice.”