June 16, 2017

Cohen Milstein's Michael Dolce appeared as a featured guest on WJNJ’s talk radio program, “The Law and Legal Issues.” Hosted by attorney Fred Tromberg, the program focused on the issue of child sexual abuse. Mr. Dolce, a highly regarded trial lawyer and political activist who has dedicated his career to seeking justice for the victims of abuse, discussed a variety of topics, including legislative initiatives, the prosecution of perpetrators, the bias against male victims, and the propensity to blame the victim.
When asked to describe a typical perpetrator, Mr. Dolce observed:

“We must start with the understanding that the perpetration of sex crimes against children knows absolutely no socio-economic barrier. This is a crime that occurs in all strata of economics and society ... and any culture. This is not an isolated issue.”

To listen to the full broadcast click here.