October 07, 2016

Cohen Milstein's Carol V. Gilden will speak on the topic "Lessons Learned: The Impact of Civil Litigation and Regulation on Criminal Activity in the Financial Sector."  

The sixth annual conference “The New Normal of Financial Fraud: The Role of Lawyers, Regulation and Litigation” will be co-hosted by the Loyola Institute for Investor Protection and the Institute for Law and Economic Policy. 

The nation’s leading jurists, practitioners and scholars will discuss the impact of criminal activity within the financial sector and the special role that lawyers can play in protecting investors from harm through regulation and litigation.  In addition, speakers and panelists will discuss and debate the meaning and extent of immunity on Wall Street for criminal activity and the role of attorneys and regulators in helping to police the financial markets and remedy fraud through the civil litigation process.

The full agenda of the Annual Institute for Investor Protection Conference can be found here