January 01, 2017

"Not Playing Around"

Doug Bunch ’02, J.D. ’06 splits his time between his day job, the Board of Visitors and an international nonprofit that’s changing lives.

When Global Playground founder and William & Mary Board of Visitors member Doug Bunch ’02, J.D. ’06 traveled to Khe Sanh, Vietnam, to help open a school for 140 children in 2008, he took a tour around the community. Located in the Quang Tri province, the area is among the poorest in central Vietnam and still feels the effects of the Vietnam War, with unexploded ordinances and remnants of Agent Orange.

“It was moving for us to go there as Americans,” Bunch says. “Those unexploded missiles have American flags on them.”

But as the Global Playground team visited families in the neighborhood, they realized that was the furthest thing on the residents’ minds. The grandmother of a future student approached the team and told them that although her husband had fought against the United States in the war, she wanted to thank Global Playground for building a new school for her grandson. The people of Khe Sanh were focused on the future. “In a moment like that, you realize that you really can have an impact and make the world a better place,” Bunch says.

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