December 06, 2017

Michael Dolce will deliver a presentation titled, “Proving What Cannot Be Seen: Simple, Yet Compelling Ways to Prove the Full and Lasting Emotional and Developmental Impact of Child Abuse on Survivors” at the National Crime Victim Bar Association’s (NCVBA) 2017 National Conference on Wednesday, December 6, 2017, in Portland, Oregon.

The most profound and lasting injuries from child abuse are emotional and mental health injuries that cannot be seen on such things as an MRI or X-Ray. Effective advocacy for child abuse victims requires knowing how to make judges, juries, politicians and others see, feel and have empathy for what cannot be seen, as well as understanding that time does not heal all wounds. Seminar attendees will learn how to use simple, case-by-case methods that judges, juries, and politicians can relate to.

The NCVBA’s National Conference, “Civil Actions for Criminal Acts,” provides information on current legal subjects, as well as offers resources and litigation strategies that attorneys need to best represent crime victims. Held in conjunction with the National Training Institute of the National Center for Victims of Crime, this annual gathering brings together up to 1,000 victim advocates, civil attorneys, criminal justice professionals, and law enforcement officers to share their knowledge and experience across disciplines.