November 19, 2019


NEW YORK – Laura Posner, a partner at Cohen Milstein and a member of the firm’s Securities Litigation & Investor Protection and Ethics & Fiduciary Counseling practice groups, was named the first-ever female chair of the New York City Bar Association’s Securities Litigation Committee. Ms. Posner was appointed to this role by New York City Bar Association President Roger Juan Maldonado at the recommendation of the outgoing chair, Daniel H.R. Laguardia of Shearman & Sterling.

This highly regarded Committee brings together approximately 55 attorneys from some of the nation’s most prestigious law firms, academic institutions and governmental agencies.  The Committee provides continuing legal education courses, hosts discussions and lectures on some of the industry’s most debated topics, such as the rapidly evolving standards governing class certification and whether cryptocurrency is properly subject to the securities laws, and sponsors conferences on various case developments in the area of securities litigation. Ms. Posner will serve a two-year term as chair.

“This Committee is central to shaping the conversation around the future of securities law, and I am humbled to serve as the first female chair,” said Laura Posner. “It’s empowering to work alongside so many talented attorneys who are tackling some of the most challenging questions in our industry. As chair, I hope that we’ll continue to encourage more women to join and lead these conversations not just in our committee, but in law firms across the country.”

“I’m proud to serve alongside Laura Posner as secretary of this prominent committee,” said Alice Buttrick, an associate at Cohen Milstein and the newly appointed secretary of the New York City Bar Securities Litigation Committee. “I share Laura’s vision of increasing women’s participation on the committee, and I look forward to participating in spirited conversation with such a thoughtful and diverse group of lawyers, regulators, and academics.”

The Committee currently plans to host three separate events, including, Securities Litigation 101: Commencing and Contesting a Federal Securities Class Action, the 8th Annual Securities Litigation & Enforcement Institute, and a 25 year retrospective evaluating the impact of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act - the primary law governing securities fraud class action litigation, which was passed in 1995.

In addition to the events listed above, the Committee plans to publish a first of its kind paper building on its retrospective look at the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, as well as an update to a report the Committee, including Ms. Posner, first published in 2014, looking at the potential impact of the Haliburton II on securities class action litigation.


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