December 05, 2019

John Sheehan, Of Counsel at Cohen Milstein, has been invited to moderate a panel discussion at the American Water Works Association’s 21st Century Legal Challenges in the Water Sector Workshop on December 5, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. The discussion, titled “PFAS: New Frontiers of Law, Regulation & Policy,” will address the following topics:

  • PFAS 101: A brief history of PFAS 
  • What is EPA doing about PFAS?  What is the PFAS Action Plan and what does it mean for water utilities from a legal perspective?  
  • What are the States doing about PFAS?  
  • Where are the current (and potential) hot spots for PFAS litigation? 
  • What legal options do water utilities have to address PFAS contamination of their water supplies and facilities?
  • What is the future trajectory of PFAS policy, regulations and what are the legal ramifications?

Additional information on the event and a link to the registration page can be found here.