January 20, 2019

Betsy A. Miller, Co-Chair of Cohen Milstein’s Public Client practice, and Leslie M. Kroeger, Co-Chair of Cohen Milstein’s Complex Tort Litigation practice, have been invited to speak at the 2019 National Trial Lawyers  Summit at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel — South Beach, Miami, Florida.

Both Ms. Kroeger and Ms. Miller will speak at the all-day session, “Courtroom Playbook – Fundamentals on How to Run, Block, Pass and Tackle in the Courtroom 2.0,” where they will provide practical tips and guidance to help prepare trial lawyers for their next case:

  • Leslie Kroeger’s presentation is entitled, “Treating the “Before & After Witness” as a Star Witness (as Opposed to a “Fill-in-Witness”—Essential Ingredients of the Persuasive Direct Examination.”
  • Betsy Miller’s presentation is entitled, “Presence in the Courtroom: How to Radiate Confidence, Intelligence and Authority.”


More information on National Trial Lawyers and the 2019 Summit can be found here.