April 30, 2021

Watch #ChangeHollywood: The Inclusion Rider, where Cohen Milstein’s Kalpana Kotagal, Fanshen Cox of Pearl Street Films, Rashad Robinson of @ColorOfChange and #ChangeHollywood, Dr. Tasmin Plater of Endeavor Content, Alana Mayo of Orion Pictures, and others discuss how the Inclusion Rider works. 

It's time to #ChangeHollywood with the Inclusion Rider.

Hollywood and the stories it tells through movies has the power to shift culture and society. During this moment, we’ve seen the power of stories used to demand justice and change. The Inclusion Rider is a powerful tool that aims to make hiring more inclusive and representative of our society -- and provides the practical steps to get us there. It is an addendum added to a contract that says that those charged with hiring and casting will implement a process that expands and diversifies the candidate pools and will seek to hire qualified cast and crew who have been traditionally underrepresented in productions. The Inclusion Rider is a tool for meaningful change. Having companies sign on shows how individual advocacy can give rise to both narrative and systemic change.

Cohen Milstein's Kalpana Kotagal discusses the four key elements needed for companies to successfully adopt the Inclusion Rider include: 

  1. A commitment to deepening and diversifying hiring pools.
  2. Establishing benchmarks/targets for hiring and striving for progress toward achieving them.
  3. Collecting, measuring, and analyzing application and hiring data.
  4. Implementing accountability measures to continue to support progress even where a company falls short of its goals.

By encouraging networks, studios, agencies, and other organizations across the industry to adopt the Inclusion Rider, we can ensure racial equity within the industry and transform the impact of Hollywood on society.