May 03, 2022

Agnieszka Fryszman, Chair of Cohen Milstein’s Human Rights practice, has been invited to speak at a press conference about the illegal kidnapping and jailing of humanitarian and Hotel Rwanda hero Paul Rusesabagina by the Rwandan government. The press conference will be held at the National Press Club on Washington, DC on Tuesday, May 3 at 10:30 am EDT.

In addition to Ms. Fryszman, in attendance will be Paul Rusesabagina’s family and legal team, including his lead counsel, Kate Gibson, John Eaves Jr. of the Eaves Law firm, and Steve Perles and Emily Amick of the Perles Law Group.

The attorneys will discuss the complaint, which was filed on February 22, 2022 in federal court in Washington, DC. It has now been served on the government of Rwanda, which has until May 8, 2022 to respond. This lawsuit is seeking more than $400 million in compensatory damages in addition to punitive damages. This number grows every day that Paul Rusesabagina is held in captivity. The complaint alleges that the Government of Rwanda and high-ranking Rwandan officials conspired to facilitate and execute an elaborate plot to lure Paul Rusesabagina from his home in Texas to Rwanda, where he would be tortured and illegally detained for the remainder of his life. 

In late August 2020, Paul Rusesabagina, the international human rights icon and US Presidential Medal of Freedom winner, whose story of saving 1,268 people during the Rwandan Genocide was told in the film Hotel Rwanda, was lured from his home in San Antonio, Texas and was ultimately taken to Kigali, Rwanda where he was tortured, arrested and held in solitary confinement. He was subjected to a sham trial which Human Rights Watch called emblematic of the Rwandan “government’s overreach and manipulation of the justice system.”