July 11, 2019

A Georgia couple evicted a white tenant because she invited an African-American family to her home, telling the mother of two in a tape-recorded phone call that they don’t “allow n-----s” on their property, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Victoria Sutton accuses Allen and Patricia McCoy of evicting her after she started bringing a black co-worker and her 5-year-old son for play dates with Sutton’s children. The woman lived in the Adairsville home from August 2017 to December 2018 with her partner, a 2-year-old daughter, a 9-year-old daughter and a teenage niece.

One day in September 2018, Allen McCoy saw Sutton hug her friend goodbye outside the home and he later knocked on the door, the lawsuit states. The man said she should be ashamed of herself, threatened to call Child Protective Services for having a black person on his property and gave her two weeks to move out, Sutton alleges in the complaint.

. . .

The federal Fair Housing Act prohibits landlords from discriminating against tenants or tenants’ guests on the basis of race.

“This blatant racial discrimination happened to be caught on tape,” Sean Young, legal director of the ACLU of Georgia, said in a statement. “However, people of color face discrimination in all walks of life even when racist motives are more carefully hidden.”

The lawsuit was filed in partnership with the Cohen Milstein law firm.

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