May 01, 2017

Anticipating change in diversity while watching it unfold requires a plan of action, according to Nicholas C. Johnson, Esq. Stellar examples of this premise include Attorneys John Howe, Rosalyn Sia Baker-Barnes, Judges Bradley Harper and Lou Delgado—all notable trendsetters in the Palm Beach County legal community. As this year’s F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Association’s (FMCBA) President- Elect, Nick brings with him the hope of continued change through voting awareness. 

Born in Kingston, Jamaica in the late 1970s, Nick might not have considered law as a profession during his childhood. His late grandmother, however, discerned that he would one day become a lawyer because his words were many. Today, there is no doubt that Nick’s passionate, persuasive communication throughout the course of his legal career has proven his grandmother right. Nick attended Boston University for his undergraduate education, followed by the University of Florida for graduate studies. It was St. Thomas University School of law that provided Nick ample training ground to use law as a platform for change to those who are unheard or unaware.

Nick’s first position as an attorney was as Assistant Public Defender for misdemeanors and felonies. Former Supervising Attorney John Rivera, at first blush, described Nick as “organized.” However, Mr. Rivera quickly clarified that this quality was not simply a “clean desk organized... but rather a person who is driven and works with a purpose.” FMCBA President Lawonda Warren described this purpose as emanating from passion about community and justice. She expounded, “Nick is a passionate attorney who cares about his clients, the community, and justice. What I admire most about Nick is that he is not afraid to challenge the status quo or ruffle feathers to do what is right.”

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