February 14, 2017

UFC for the most part cannot assert attorney-client privilege over two sets of documents involving contract and merchandising negotiations in a proposed class action filed by mixed martial arts fighters alleging the organization is illegally dominating the sport, a Nevada federal magistrate judge ruled Monday.

Zuffa LLC, doing business as Ultimate Fighting Championship, had said the contract negotiations with a fighter and discussions about a clothing line company promotion contained confidential legal advice, but the company did not make a prima facie showing to that effect at a hearing earlier this month save for a small portion of one of the contract documents, U.S. Magistrate Judge Peggy A. Leen said in a Monday order.

“The court carefully reviewed the documents, considered the context of the communications in which various individuals who sent or received the documents was involved, and found Zuffa simply had not met its burden of showing the documents were privileged,” Judge Leen said.

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