July 17, 2017

The UFC urged a Nevada federal court Friday to reject a bid by mixed martial arts fighters to force the production of purportedly privileged documents in an antitrust suit against the organization, arguing it has already reviewed thousands of documents at the fighters’ request.

UFC parent Zuffa LLC filed an opposition to the fighters' June emergency motion to compel some 30,000 documents that have been withheld as protected by attorney-client privilege or as attorney work product. The fighters had argued that the UFC waived its right to claim privilege on any documents now because the organization's production has been so deficient and because the UFC has not properly identified its reason for asserting privilege over many of the documents.

But the organization said Friday that it had reached an agreement with the fighters to review 17,000 of the privileged documents before the compel motion was even filed, and that the organization has now produced 10,000 additional items that were previously withheld. Since the UFC honored the agreement, the organization said, the motion is unnecessary.

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