January 29, 2020

A new lawsuit accuses a Scores strip club of illegally employing a teenage girl at one of its Florida locations and allowing her to be abused and exploited.

The alleged victim, who’s described as a developmentally disabled and emotionally disturbed teen, said a man she knew in 2017 brought her to the club in Tampa that year and put her on the stage within a half-hour, according to court papers obtained by ABC News.

“Enabling and profiting from the sexual abuse of a developmentally disabled teenage girl is deplorable even by the standards of the adult entertainment industry,” attorney Michael Dolce, whose Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll law firm represents the teen, told the news outlet.

The crux of the suit, Dolce told the Daily News in a phone interview, was that the club didn’t even follow its own policies designed to detect trafficking.

Businesses capitalized and profited on that exploitation, he said, and “they have kept that money.”

Though the girl had just turned 17 when she was enticed to the club as a runaway, he said, her developmental age lagged by years — she was more like 13 on a developmental level. When it comes to sexual victimization of children, those with developmental disabilities are four times more likely to be targeted, Dolce noted.

From her perspective, one second someone’s offering her money to dance, he said. “Next thing she knows she’s drugged up, filled up with hard liquor, and being prostituted.”

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