March 30, 2017

Family Vows to Push Forward

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A federal judge has set a date of Oct. 10 to retry the civil wrongful death trial against a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy brought by the parents of Seth Adams.

The date is the first available for the projected 4-5 week-long trial, that can accommodate the schedules of the judge and both sides.

“Six - eight months down the road, it’s going to be very difficult,” said Adams’ father, Richard Adams.

The first trial, which lasted over a month, ended in a mistrial March 15, when after three days of deliberations, one holdout prevented a unanimous verdict in favor of the Adams.

“Even though it came back 8-1 in our favor, it really only takes six jurors, and we got eight,” said Adams’ mother, Lydia Adams.

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